Meet the Visionaries

The revolutionary token, inspired by the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto! Embrace the spirit of crypto innovation with SNMT, a community-driven token that combines humor and blockchain technology. Bringing decentralization to the forefront, all in the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Together, we are rewriting the future of SNMT token and celebrating the genius behind the crypto revolution.

Commitment to a fairly minted ecosystem ensures that every participant has an equal opportunity to engage in this groundbreaking tokenomic experience.

Satoshi Nakamoto Token
Token Supply
100,000,000 $SNMT


Our tech is the heartbeat of the future! Satoshi Nakamoto Token is powered by cutting-edge BRC20 wizardry.


Phase 1: Genesis - Building Foundations (Q4 2023-Q1 2024)

  • - Develop and launch the Satoshi Nakamoto Token with a transparent and fair distribution model.
  • - Establish a robust and secure blockchain infrastructure to ensure the token's stability.
  • - Begin community building through social media, forums, and partnerships.

Phase 2: Ignition - Community Activation (Q2 2024)

  • - Launch community-driven initiatives, including contests, events, and collaborative projects.
  • - Initiate strategic partnerships to expand the token's reach and use cases.
  • - SNMT will be integrated to Unisat Swap, enhancing utility and accessibility in the crypto ecosystem.
  • - The token aims to use cases in gaming and NFTs, fostering broader adoption and engagement.

Phase 3 : Zenith - Mass Adoption and Beyond (Q3 2024)

  • - Expand use cases by targeting industries beyond traditional crypto sectors.
  • - Develop partnerships with mainstream businesses to integrate Satoshi Nakamoto Token for everyday transactions.
  • - Explore interoperability with other blockchains to enhance accessibility and user experience.
  • - Engage the community through interactive campaigns, fueling widespread adoption. Making SNMT a cornerstone in the decentralized entertainment landscape


Purchase SNMT by navigating to a supported exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

BRC-20 tokens are built on the Bitcoin Network using the ordinals protocol.

Some popular BRC-20 tokens can be bought on centralized exchanges, while others – through

These tokens are created using JavaScript Object Notion to make ordinal inscriptions on Satoshis, thereby creating tokens with equal value.

The ERC-20 tokens are built on the Ethereum network and follow the ERC-20 token standard deployed using smart contracts. On the other hand, BRC-20 tokens are built on the Bitcoin blockchain and follow the BRC-20 token standard without the need for smart contracts.